Note that kanla is currently unmaintained and not under active development, since the main developer switched to Prometheus, see their “Prometheus: Using the blackbox exporter” article.

kanla: the simple, well-documented alerting software.

Do you want to get notified when your website, email server, … is down?
Install kanla and after 5 minutes of easy configuration it will just work.

Good documentation

What good is the best program when you don’t know how to use it? kanla comes with excellent documentation and example configuration.


kanla plugins are long-running processes which consume little resources.


You might have custom services you want to monitor. kanla has a simple plugin API and existing plugins are easy to understand.


We believe that software should be installed through package management. kanla was designed for that and is easy to package for distributions.

IPv6 and UTF-8

IPv6 and UTF-8 are of course fully supported and the default in kanla.

Self hosted

There’s no subscription, you install kanla on your own server(s). kanla is free, open-source software (FOSS) under the BSD license.