Thank you for your interest in contributing to kanla.

1. Ways to contribute

  1. Package kanla for your distribution. By creating and/or maintaining a package for your operating system of choice, you are helping kanla and the users of your operating system. We believe that using the existing infrastructure is much better than people installing software from third parties.

  2. Send a well-written, detailed bug report. When you notice a bug, chances are that other people ran into it, too, or will run into it in the future. Many people don’t bother to report bugs, though. By sending a good bug report, you are thereby doing all users who are affected by this bug a big favor.

  3. Send a documentation fix/improvement. Software is only as useful as its documentation (unless you like reading the source). Since one of kanla’s focus points is good documentation, improvements (making things more clear or easier to understand) and corrections are always very welcome.

  4. Send a patch. Of course, as with all FOSS software, we appreciate patches. In case you are fixing a bug, please let others know what bug you are working on by posting a short message in the corresponding bug report. In case you are implementing a feature, please check back with us whether the feature makes sense and fits kanla’s philosophy before you spend any time on it.

2. Patches

2.1. Getting the source

Our source code lives in a git repository. The "master" branch (what you get when just cloning the repository) is intended to be always stable and this is where you should develop.

You can clone the git repository using git clone git://

2.2. Coding standard

To ensure that kanla is formatted in a consistent way, we use perltidy, a program to automatically format Perl source code.

To enable a quick and fruitful code review, please use perltidy on your code before submitting your patch.

2.3. Testsuite

To ensure that code changes don’t (re-)introduce bugs, we have a testsuite, which you should run periodically while developing (using make test).

In case you are implementing a new feature, a testcase for this feature is very welcome (but currently not a hard requirement). Be aware though, that unless the feature is very hard to test, it will not be committed without a testcase. This means that when you don’t write a testcase, someone else will have to. So to get your feature merged quickly, it would be best if you could write the testcase.

2.4. Sending your changes

Please send a pull request on github in order to get your changes merged into the official kanla source tree.